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I am constrained to a wheel chair and my choices to exercise are limited until now!  The resistance gym has become a part of my strength training!  It has paid for itself already!  I love it!

Joe Hulk, Ohio

I have my PT clients use the Resistance Gym 400 on a regular basis for Strength Training. We can use as little or as much resistance as we want while simulating unlimited ranges of motion. We use it every day.

Jim Fink, Florida

Using the Resistance Gym is better than going to the gym. Just by using the easy sliding system I can change in a second from doing an over head lift to doing curls.  Can't do that at a gym.  I bench over 250 pounds and have had no problems getting a great workout in using The Resistance Gym 400.  I highly recommend it for strength training all areas of your body!

Dale Alan, Missouri